In an open and globalized world, it is not uncommon to have a professional career that is international and that leads you to manage your wealth differently.
Wealth A7 can represent you fiscally when you are abroad and whatever your status.

The majority of countries in the world have a tax treaty with France; this avoids double taxation of expatriates' incomes.
However, it is possible that the host country has not signed a tax treaty with France, in which case the risk of double taxation exists. It is therefore important to inquire beforehand.

The French fiscal non-resident can benefit from many devices:

  • Subscription to a Luxembourg life insurance contract
  • Investment dismemberment especially in bare property
  • Investment in LMNP / LMP with VAT recovery
  • Real estate investment trust...

The transmission aspect must also be addressed: you can be non-resident and hold property in France or abroad. Each country in which the property or persons are located, retains, in principle, the right to impose a transmission for free (donation or succession). The national law of each State makes it possible to determine the regime applicable to a donation or succession. However international conventions have also been established to settle some complex cases (without mentioning the case of our national Johnny).

Wealth A7 helps expatriates to establish their tax status and understand the tax legislation of their host country but also later to prepare their return to France at the time of their impatriation.

In short, here are our few fields of intervention in terms of international wealth and tax management:

  • Determination of tax residence
  • Tax treatment of non-residents
  • Optimizing the effective tax rate
  • Exemption from social levies
  • Application of the status of impatriates
  • Successions and international donations
  • International real estate capital gains
  • Real estate tax on non-residents
  • Tax representation of non-residents

These topics concern you, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation!

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