Who are our customers?

Wealth A7 advises and manages the assets of public and private employees, entrepreneurs, pensioners, annuitants... Whatever your age, Wealth A7 will support you in your projects because wealth management consulting is modeled on 3 fundamental stages of life: creation, management and transmission.

To answer which questions?

  • How to take profit of the taxes I have to pay?
  • Invest in a real estate or make a financial investment?
  • How to protect my family and ensure the future of my kids?
  • How to secure a comfortable income level when I retire?
  • How can I get the best financing conditions?
  • How can I optimize the transmission of my assets?
  • Insurance for my credits, my house... how to pay less?
  • What legal form for my company?
  • How to protect the entrepreneur and his spouse?
  • What can I do to optimize my employees' compensation?
  • How can I optimize my company’s taxes and expenses?
  • How do I manage my company’s cash flow?
  • What financing for the needs of my company?
  • How to prepare the transfer of my company?
  • How to cut the cost of insurances?

A few partners...

WA7, at least 7 reasons why

Independence and objectivity

We work with all the stakeholders in wealth management: banks, insurers, real estate developers, notaries... but do not depend on any of them. What will our solution focus on? on a financial product, a real estate? Will it be about a legal, a marital or a tax set up? What we already know is that it will be perfectly adapted to your situation and your objectives.

Experience and skills

Our team counts many years of experience in wealth management.  It is made up of senior consultants and also junior consultants who work under the supervision of the “elders”. On top of their diplomas, they also benefit from numerous training courses in order to always improve their knowledge.

Certification and compliance

Member of the CPG-CIF professional association (approved by the French 'AMF'), we hold all the accreditations necessary for the exercise of wealth management: professional card in terms of transactions in real estate and business assets, French ORIAS affiliation for banking and insurance services and for financial investment consultancy activities. Our financial guarantees and professional liability insurance comply with the insurance code and financial security laws.

A 100% digital management

Why do we often not take care of our private business? Because we don’t have enough time! We will make your life easy. You cannot move? We organize an audio or videoconference. Documents to send us? Send them by email. Online management: it’s where you want, when you want. In any case, we answer within 48 hours.

Low credit brokerage fees

We are also a credit broker. Our mission: to negotiate with credit organizations. Our objective: to obtain the best financing conditions for you, for your project. Our conviction: it is not by charging you exorbitant fees that we optimize your investment! With Wealth A7, the costs are also optimized, not multiplied!

Fees under control for your financial investments

For your financial investments, aiming for a return is good, aiming for a return net of fees is better! Membership fees, admission fees, management fees ... Be vigilant because they impact the profitability of your investments. Our role: to offer you not only the best investments but also the best negotiated fees!

Save on notary fees

The solution made for you: invest in a new real estate? Entrust us with the project. We will negotiate with our partners to offer you a portion or even the full amount of related notary fees (subject to conditions - consult us for more information).

Our supervisory authorities

AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) WA7 reglement acpr WA7 reglement compagnie WA7 reglement orias WA7 reglement ministere
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