Let's start it!

Your trust is to be earned.

By being transparent about our approach and how we operate, we will win it!

Step 1: Getting to know each other

Nobody can advise you or direct you to the right project without knowing you! This first step allows us to learn about your family, tax and heritage situation, in complete confidentiality. We will give you all the information about our operations and the services we can offer you. We will discuss together the topics that matter to you, your needs and the private and/or professional objectives you want to achieve.

Step 2: Analyze and refine your objectives

We will establish an audit of your current situation on an assets, financial, social or global basis. This audit allows us to map your situation at a given moment and it is on this basis that we can refine your objectives, measurable, realistic, targeted over time and in line with your current and future financial, tax, marital and family situation and define the best way to achieve them.

Step 3: Define our mission

Together, we will define the mission that you will entrust to us. It will be detailed in a mission letter which will set out precisely the objectives to be achieved and, not least: it is also in this document that we will indicate our fees. Do not forget: we are independent, no obligation towards banks, insurance companies, property developers etc. We will offer you a solution chosen solely according to you, your objectives.

Step 4: Implement the solution

At this stage, we have all the cards in hand to take stock of our analysis. This assessment fits into your reality and details our strategies (legal, tax, financial and / or real estate) and the roadmap to follow to achieve your goals. If the strategy is based on an investment medium (financial, real estate, insurance, banking product ...), we select the best investment from a wide choice of solutions offered by our partners. Through us, you access the best investments at negotiated price conditions.

How we get paid...

The notion of wealth management is often associated with the idea of wealth. It would therefore be easy to consider that a large budget is needed to hire the services of a wealth management advisor. The good news is, it’s just a popular idea!

The mission letter we will sign together will detail our fees according to the mission you have entrusted to us (note: our expenses are deductible at 100% at the time of your income tax return). We may also be compensated through the return of part of the fees collected by our partners. Total transparency! No secrets between us and it is with full knowledge of the facts that you will sign this letter.

As part of our recommendations, we will present the investment solutions that meet your objectives. Whatever solution you choose, one thing will not change: no additional costs to bear, you will not receive an unexpected invoice from us.

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