Need help to get a loan for your home or any real estate investment ?

Fixed or variable rate, mortgage loan, amortising loan?
You do not need to know all of this in details, since we are here!


Negotiate your loan is not that easy!

To obtain the best conditions for your project, call us!

Optimizing your project also involves credit optimization: interest rates are still very low today and it is better to borrow to pay for your asset than to use your cash.

We are looking for the best credit offers, with amortization or "in fine", with or without deductible / deferred, fixed or revisable rate. The selection is based on rate conditions, the ability to manage specific cases.

As for loan insurance (death and disability insurance covering bank loans), the delegation of insurance can be far more competitive. No doubt we will look at it for you!

Whatever your project, we take everything in hand: we will give you the list of the elements to provide according to your situation and will contact various credit institutions. Objective: negotiate the best possible conditions for your project: the lowest rates, with or without deferred amortization. What about penalties for early reimbursement? We will look at it! And of course, brokerage fees to the bare minimum!
And let's not forget your existing real estate loans: we can also study the opportunity of a credit redemption with better conditions!

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