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The health insurance assessment is for everyone who wants to have a clear and transparent vision of their social protection. To make an assessment, it is to evaluate your level of coverage in relation to your needs. This assessment will allow us to determine whether your social protection is adapted to your current and future family, patrimonial and professional situation. Whether you are a salaried employee, a freelancer, self-employed worker, merchant or craftsman, you will be able to make the right decisions in a timely manner to ensure your well-being at every stage of your life.

Analyze your situation

The first phase of the assessment consists of examining your family, professional and patrimony environment. Are you married or single? Do you have children? Are you an employee or a company manager? Do you have real estate assets or financial savings? As many variables that will influence the analysis and recommendations since your needs will be different depending on these elements.

During this first step, we will take stock of your personal and professional life insurance cover: death and disability, spouse's pension, work stoppages ... What would be the capital left to your loved ones in the event of death, disability and work stoppage? Will this sum be enough to protect your loved ones? Finance your children's education?

Have you ever wondered? But did you take care to answer them?

Set a diagnosis

Ideally, your assets, all the solutions that you have put in place (death insurance, disability, funeral ...), must correspond to your needs, for today and tomorrow. The problem is that life is not a long calm river ... and your needs fluctuate ... A relevant diagnosis will be the one that integrates all the data about you to your prospects for evolution. We will know if it is necessary to adapt or supplement your insurance contracts and when.

Define the strategy

Objective: find the perfect balance between your social coverage and your needs, fill in the gaps and take advantage of optimization levers. Our strategy will be defined to respond perfectly to your situation, tailor-made!

 It is time to anticipate: make an appointment for a review and get ready to optimize your social protection! 

Your pension rights in jeopardy...

Today, the observation is as follows: there are 1.3 active contributors in France for every 1 pensioner. Also, in the current demographic context, given the increase in life expectancy, the ratio 1 active to 1 retired person is likely to be reached very quickly. 
Conclusion: Our old distribution model, which is the basis of our entire pension system, is being challenged.

Our solutions to meet your needs

This recurring theme of retirement has generated much ink and debate and divergent political ideologies. Wealth A7 does not make a policy but offers you a complete and detailed pension statement. The pension balance sheet is addressed to all, whether you are an employee, a professional, self-employed, head of a company, a trader or an artisan, the prospect of your retirement must be one of your major concerns more than ever.

Your retirement balance sheet includes simulations and projections to answer your questions: 
- At what age will you receive your full pension?

- What will your pension level be if you retire at legal age? Before legal age?
- How much will be lost if you decide to retire before the statutory age? How can we make up for this shortfall so that your lifestyle is not heavily impacted?

You can count on the Wealth A7 team to put in place an asset strategy adapted to your professional situation and your projects. The possibilities are numerous and must be carefully studied to suit your situation: 
- Constitution of income supplement (bare ownership, etc.).
- Introduction of supplementary retirement savings taking into account available deductions (PERP, PERIN through the Pacte law, Madelin, etc.).

- Optimize your pension through employee savings.

Do you want to get an accurate pension statement and personalized advice on how to plan your retirement? Contact our Wealth A7 experts now. 

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