Acquiring shares inFrench so-called 'SCPI' (real estate investment trust, REIT) allows you to invest in real estate indirectly, so the trust buys and manages property for you. In other words, forget management concerns!


Depending on your situation and your objectives, we can offer you several types of REIT for different purposes, some of which will provide you with significant tax benefits! And regardless of the applicable tax regime, there are many benefits associated with holding property through REIT shares:

  • Investing in real estate through an REIT makes it possible for almost eveyone to access property whose location is strategic (center of Paris, Lille, Toulouse ...) and is usually reserved for the 'well-off'. It is therefore not necessary to buy an asset at a high price, you simply hold shares of the trust, which itself owns a set of asets. The entry ticket is therefore significantly lower.
  • The effect on the entry price is twofold since the REIT enjoys a reinforced power at the negotiating table and manages to obtain whole residences or complete buildings at a bargain price.
  • Beyond the constitution of a regular complementary income or a tax benefit, the patrimonial aspect must not be neglected and a precise selection of the real estates is put in place by our various partners in order to make you benefit from a potential capital gain at the end of the operation.
  • The property management is entirely assumed by the company, so you are not forced to any problem of research / purchase / resale or rental management of real estate.
  • The rental risks are pooled and therefore diluted thanks to a large number of tenants and real estate, various investment and geographical sectors ...
  • Finally, in order to be marketed, an REIT is necessarily approved by the Financial Markets Constable in France: the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), a guarantee of additional security.


Some details on:

•   Yield REIT:
The objective of a yield REIT is to redistribute part of the rents received to investors who then benefit from regular income (usually quarterly).
Investing in real estate through a yield REIT rather than do a direct purchase has several advantages:

  • You have access to real estate niche such as shops, offices, residential hotels, medical, student or seniors buildings...
  • The rent that you collect is net of expenses since everything is assumed by the trust (maintenance costs, works...), you only support the amount of the income tax according to your marginal slice of taxation (French 'TMI').

To give you an idea, you can expect a return net of expenses (except income tax) between 4% and 6% per year.
Invest in shares of REIT to obtain a complementary income interests you? We are able to offer you a diversified range of REIT, in different sectors, from several management companies to guide you to the solution that best fits your profile!

•   International REIT:
In the same way as yield REIT, international REIT aim at generating a regular income for the investor but with a more favorable tax regime than the French tax system.
For example, by investing in a German REIT, your property income will be taxed at 15.85% against a tax based on your marginal tax bracket in France (and social security contributions of 17.2% on top).
The net return of this type of REIT (located mostly in Europe) is therefore particularly interesting!


The real estate investment funds allow you, like 'SCPIs', to access real estate investment without owning property directly, with all the advantages that this entails: low entry ticket, no management problem, mutualisation of risks, supervision by the French AMF...

This solution can match your goal if the latter is to procure additional income. The 'OPCIs' interest lies in the taxation of income distributed to investors; the latter are entitled to the deduction of an annual depreciation of the buildings held (this is a fictitious charge representing the loss of value of the property over time).

In conclusion, thanks to this tax system, the net return on your investment is boosted since the taxable base of income is greatly reduced thanks to depreciation.

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