What aspects will we study?

Our balance sheet is based on a comprehensive collection of information about your situation which allows us to respond in a "surgical" manner to all of your objectives.

What themes are we going to focus on?



  • Analysis of current marital status in relation to existing regimes
  • Family protection
  • Surviving spouse protection
  • How to help a family member without affecting the hereditary reserve and avoid any action to reduce or retrench



  • Analysis of your different types of income:
  • Salaries and wages, pensions and life annuities
  • Property income
  • Household income
  • Industrial and Commercial Profits
  • Non-commercial benefits
  • Agricultural benefits
  • Executive Compensation
  • Capital gains on real estate and movable property


  • Analysis of the tax burden (income tax and social security contributions, IFI, wealth tax, business tax)
  • Global Tax Optimization Schemes
  • Tax and social optimization through employee savings, retirement savings and the Pact Act


  • Analysis of movable and immovable assets held in a private or professional capacity
  • Asset allocation proposal in line with economic and investor conditions and selection of the best funds in the market
  • Optimization of taxation on real estate assets



  • Dismemberment of ownership (bare ownership / usufruct, quasi-usufruct)
  • Creation of a company (statutes and registration)
  • Modification of the matrimonial regime
  • Setting up tontine or precipitates


  • Analysis of the estate devolution
  • Estate Audit
  • Schemes for optimizing the transmission of assets (beneficiary clause of life insurance tailored to your needs, creation of civil society, Dutreil pact, dismemberment of property, donation-sharing, etc.)

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