Frequently asked questions

Why go through a wealth manager when I already have my banker?

The wealth manager benefits from a set of regulatory approvals allowing him to offer you multiple solutions, adapted to your objectives. Your banker essentially offers you the products internal to its structure.

In short, the wealth management advisor works objectively in an open architecture, which allows you to benefit from the best products on the market.

How much money should I have to make it worth for a wealth manager?

The role of the wealth manager is to support the client at all stages of his life, especially during the creation, development, management and transmission of his assets.

There is no minimum asset to hold to benefit from his advice, because each solution implemented is personalized and adapted to the profile of the customer.

I am in conflict with a wealth manager, what can I do?

Provided that the Wealth Manager is approved and depending on the nature of the dispute, the client will be able to appeal to various mediation agencies:

Unsatisfactory response to a complaint:
Compagnie des CGP-CIF
For the attention of the President for mediation
8, rue Godot de Mauroy - 75009 Paris

Litigation related to the CIF Activity:
The Mediator of the AMF (Financial Markets Authority)
17, place de la Bourse _ 75082 Paris Cedex 02ésentation.html

Litigation related to other activities:
I.E.A.M (Institute of Expertise, Arbitration and Mediation)
31 bis-33, rue Daru - 75008 Paris
Phone: 01 42 27 28 83

Litigation related to the validity, interpretation or application of the engagement letter:
The court of competent jurisdiction

What is an entry document?

This document provides a detailed description of all the information relating to the operation and the regulation of your adviser.

You will receive it upon your first meeting with your Wealth A7 advisor.

If you wish to consult it now, just ask for it here!

What is an engagement letter?

The engagement letter clearly defines the work to be done by the advisor, after having precisely determined the client's objectives. This document reflects the commitment of both parties throughout the relationship.

How much can I give to my children while avoiding death duties?

Each parent can donate 100,000 € exempt from inheritance fees, per child, every 15 years.

When passing on my assets, can I advantage one of my children more than the others?

In the context of inheritance, some heirs are called "reservers". These include children (or their representants in case of pre-death) and if no children, the surviving spouse. This means that a part of the patrimony called the "hereditary reserve" is their right and can not be transferred to another person.

In short, each of your children has a hereditary reserve and can not be disinherited.

Except in special cases... contact us for more information.

With the TEPA law, will my PACS partner be exempt from inheritance tax?

Indeed, this law allows for inheritance tax exemption for spouses and partners of PACS.

But be careful, we must not forget that, not having a patrimonial right, the partner of PACS does not inherit by law. Thus, the writing of a will is necessary for him/her to benefit.

Is it worth investing in Pinel?

The Pinel scheme offers many tax benefits.

However, it is important to take all the necessary precautions when investing in real estate by not forgetting to study the economic, demographic, geographic growth of the investment sector and the type of property (surface, price ... ), which will be essential elements for the profitability analysis.

The easiest way to be sure you are not mistaken is to seek the advice of an independent professional before launching any project!

In the current context is it better to invest in real estate or financial markets?

The real estate market continues to grow in the face of falling credit rates. On the other hand, the taxation of financial products is very attractive today.

Anything is possible but what will be the right solution for you?

And then, choose one or the other, is it the right thing to do? Doesn't all good advice also rely on good diversification?


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