Pieces of art

Are you a business owner or liberal professional and have an artistic flair? Did you know that it is possible to combine a passion for art and tax exemption? Wealth A7 works with experts in this field who can best advise you on the investment strategy based on your artistic sensitivity.

Why invest in a work of art (painting, sculpture, photography ...) in a few words:

  • Art is a safe haven in times of financial crisis: political instability and fluctuations in the financial markets have no impact on this niche market.
  • Art offers you the opportunity to diversify your wealth: not putting all your eggs in one basket is one of the keys to success in wealth management.
  • Art allows you to bring a cultural dimension to your business: it strengthens the sense of belonging of your employees and stimulates creativity.
  • And icing on the cake, it gives you significant tax advantages! This superb tax exemption tool is available to you in two ways: acquisition by loan or leasing (long-term rental).

Investing in the arts is therefore a great way to reduce the tax burden on your business and improve the quality of work life of your employees while building a personal collection at a lower cost.

Are you curious to know which mechanism is the most beneficial for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or a personalized simulation.

Forest Land Funds

A Forest Land Group is a civil society whose purpose is to invest in forests located throughout the French territory with the aim of reforesting and developing them. A return mainly from the sale of wood, rents from hunting and fishing is received by the investors.

This income is totally exempt from income tax and social security contributions and, as a bonus, allows for an 18% tax reduction on the investment, subject to the retention of shares for at least 8 years (the amount invest is capped at 5.700 € per year for a single person and 11.400 € for a couple).

As for inheritance tax, only 25% of the investment amount is taxable, which represents a significant advantage! And, best of all, GFF's shares are not subject to property tax.

With this product, we offer you a sustainable and atypical investment to diversify your assets while enhancing them and preparing transmission.

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