The Prêt à Taux Zéro in 2024

The january 19, 2024

Following Bruno Le Maire's announcement on Wednesday 18 October, we knew that the PTZ would be extended. The Finance Act for 2024 (art. 71) has extended the PTZ until 31 December 2027, subject to new conditions. The changes concern the resources of the borrower(s), the type of property project and the location of the property. The implementation date will be set by decree, but no later than 1 April 2024. Here are some details of the new terms and conditions.

What type of project in what area?

In zones A and B1, the PTZ can be used to finance a new property in a block of flats.

In zones B2 and C, the PTZ can be used to finance older homes requiring renovation. This work must account for at least 25% of the total cost of the project, and may include

Quota and resources for the 2024 version of the PTZ!

Two adjustments have been made to the maximum amount of the loan in the 2024 version. The maximum amount is now €100,000, up from €80,000 previously. What's more, the percentage of the project that can be covered by the PTZ was previously limited to 40%, but has now been increased to 50%.

One of the major changes to the zero-rate loan is the creation of a new upper income bracket, bracket 4.

Here is the supposed new summary table:



Zone A

Zone B1

Zone B2

Zone C

Maximum PTZ quota on the overall project


25 000 €

21 500 €

18 000 €

15 000 €



31 000 €

26 000 €

22 500 €

19 500 €



37 000 €

30 000 €

27 000 €

24 000 €



49 000 €

34 500 €

31 500 €

28 500 €


It should be noted that the percentage will be applied to a project cost, otherwise known as the operating cost, capped according to the number of occupants in the home and the project area.

All this information is based on article 71 of the Finance Act 2024, but will need to be confirmed by the expected decree. The financing specialists at Wealth A7 and France Crédit can study the feasibility of your project, provide you with support and find you the best financing, just contact us!

In a world on the move, Wealth A7 is here to bring your dreams to life.


Article by : STEPHANE SAES

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