The new reform of the abuse of rights: do you risk tax adjustment?

The october 26, 2019

"The Administration is entitled to exclude, as being not opposable to it, the acts which, seeking the benefit of a literal application of the texts or of decisions against the objectives pursued by their authors, have for principal motive to avoid or mitigate the tax burden that the person concerned, if these acts had not been made or realized, would normally have borne in view of his actual situation or activities. (...)"

This provision applies to rectifications notified as from 1st of January 2021 concerning acts performed or carried out as from 1 st of January 2020.

More than ever before, tax optimization recommendations must be accompanied by a tax opinion.

Wealth A7 can procure this tax opinion for its clients, which allows them to be protected in the event of a dispute with the administration over the asset optimization scheme.


Article by : Etienne KAJOIN

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