"Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed !!!"

The november 03, 2020

As we can all attest, 2020 has not been a smooth year. And it's not over yet...

At a time when the health situation is deteriorating further, between curfew and lockdown, we must admit that a page has turned: our economic model and our lifestyles and consumption habits have taken a different turn. We must be aware of this. And maybe accept it?

Finally, it’s time for change?

• One lockdown leads to another:

"We are at war": President Macron chanted these words on March 16, 2020. It was not a lightning war, but rather a strange war. After 7 months of fighting the virus, while we dreamed of regaining a little freedom and serenity, on October 28, the government launched confinement N°2, with the aim of once again slowing the progression of the epidemic.
During the first episode of confinement, institutions and many businesses were closed, everything was at a standstill, the measures then seemed more restrictive than today.
In this second phase, the institutions remain open. As for businesses, the government decides to sort it out: businesses deemed non-essential must close. Small traders are paying the price and they denounce the unfair competition of supermarkets. The government maintains its decision to close independent businesses. Result: supermarkets will have to close non-essential shelves. It's official: in the coming weeks, only our basic needs can be met. Eat, work, sleep: we only have that left. Goodbye leisure? Ok, but for how long?

• The solution to regain our freedom?

A vaccine to solve everything? Not so sure, whatever some economists and financiers may say...
Several laboratories say they are on the verge of completion and many countries are preparing to acquire their vaccines. But have they really found the miracle solution? A vaccine, yes, but for which virus?
Experts agree that this fall's virus is not last spring's virus: as it spread across the world, it has mutated.
The first virus, aggressive and very lethal, came from China. The virus that plagued this summer, less virulent, came to us from Africa. The variant we have been facing since September, arriving from England and the Scandinavian countries, has regained strength and tenacity, to such an extent that hospital services are facing a massive influx of patients.
For each new variant, a new vaccine is needed. So what's the point of getting vaccinated if you're under the threat of the next mutation? Will we ever be released from the Covid?

• Cohabiting with the enemy?

The Covid and its derivatives are now part of our lives. Our daily life will therefore definitely change: we restart the system, we integrate the Covid data and we start from zero? Is this the famous ‘reset’ that will be the subject of the Davos forum?

•    So, tomorrow?

New system: new way of life.

No more shopping sprees, sports lessons, restaurants and family reunions? No more office meetings, business trips? No more non-essential?

It is a fact, many sectors of activity are affected: restaurants, the real estate sector, tourism… Hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear… at least, as we know them today!

Remember, as Lavoisier said: Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed!!!

Everything is a question of balance: if some sectors suffer, others are developing with the creation of new personal services, for example. When certain sectors can no longer function in a new environment, they reinvent themselves: this is how robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and so many other disruptive technologies have developed!

And it is in these sectors that we will have to invest!
Invest your capital because it is a whole new part of the economy that will develop and generate wealth.
Invest oneself, through training, because it is also necessary to transform ourselves: those whose jobs will have disappeared will have to adapt to meet the new needs of new companies to claim to make their place there.

Some - those who will be said to be too inflexible, too anchored in the past system, those who cannot and those who will not want to change - will they stay by the wayside? Certainly, as in any revolution. And perhaps then we will be explained that Benoit Hamon, advised by economist T. Piketty, was a visionary when he spoke of universal income in 2016 to provide everyone with a minimum subsistence income to be part of the system. What seemed unrealistic yesterday could become inevitable tomorrow.

• What are you going to do?

Change is not an easy step. For many, it is even more of a test.

It can also be experienced as a challenge, an opportunity. We must be positive!

The development of artificial intelligence will dramatically revolutionize all industries. The confinement of our children, young and old, has heightened the importance of developing a robust, agile and modern education system. The Covid has made us even more aware of the challenges of preserving the environment. And it should be mentioned: health has proven to be the key sector for any nation that wants to protect its people.

Technology, education, environment, health: so many sectors with strong development potential that will create jobs and value.

As for you, keep in mind that the creation, development and optimization of your wealth will help you comfortably grasp the new model in which we will now operate.
Investing in the thematic funds mentioned above (health, artificial intelligence, education, environment ...) in line with the economic model of tomorrow, and carefully selected, can already be a good way to move forward with peace of mind.

The strength of WEALTH A7 is to learn from past experiences, to nurture the present and to anticipate your future. We will offer you carefully studied solutions and long-term support. Being by your side when you need us is one of our priorities. We are certain of this: we are here to guide you and help you prepare for the days, months and years afterwards.

In a changing world, WEALTH A7 always by your side to give life to your desires!

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Article by : Etienne KAJOIN

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