How to compare your life insurance or your PER from June 1st ?

The may 31, 2022

On March 6, 2022 a decree was published concerning the standardization of life insurance and PER fees. This measure will allow future policyholders to compare the costs of the different unit trusts or of each asset with the help of a standardized table.


A decree requiring transparency on fees

Indeed, life insurance and PER are products which are subject to a plurality of costs and the funds in units of account are the most expensive. As insurers cannot deviate from the categories mentioned in the decree, the fees can really be compared. This table will have to be found on the websites of producers and distributors from June 1st.

Example of a standardized table from June 1, 2022

ISIN code




Management company


Performance of gross assets N-1 (A)

4 %

Asset management fee (B)

1 %

Net performance of the unit of account (A-B)

3 %

Contract mangement fee (C)

1 %

Total expenses (B + C)

2 %

Final performance (A-B-C)

2 %

Rate of commission retrocessions

1 %


Secondly, the decree reinforces transparency and includes this table in the pre-contractual information as of July 2022 and as of 2023 for the annual report for the year 2022.


A bill to reduce life insurance and PER fees

In March, a bill was introduced in the Senate to reduce the fees on these contracts. The text in question wants to prohibit movement fees, fees which are borne by the holder in the event of arbitration between units of account. This proposal follows the senatorial report on the protection of savers, a report which revealed the high cost of these fees.

This measure also proposes an extension until 2026 of the tax incentive that allows the transfer of sums from a life insurance policy to a PER, benefiting from a doubled deduction for policies of more than 8 years.

Finally, this text would eliminate the fees resulting from the transfer of contracts within the same company.

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