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The june 23, 2023

In today's fast-moving financial environment, it is sometimes difficult to position yourself in traditional financial investments. That's why there are alternative solutions that meet certain needs. Today, we focus on three of these solutions: investment in landholding groups, stripped-out SCPIs and structured products.

Investment in landholding groups

This is a tangible investment linked to specific, tangible assets, such as forests or vineyards. Its environmental credentials are undeniable, thanks to its efforts to preserve forestry and winegrowing assets and its contribution to reforestation. However, a number of criteria need to be assessed in order to determine the amount invested and the investment vehicles.

As we mentioned in a previous article, this investment needs to be part of an overall wealth strategy.

Stripped SCPIs

Buying shares in an SCPI is a good way of acquiring managed property, with control over the amount and flexibility of management. For example, as a "real estate investment", you can buy units for €40,000 and then buy them for a further €20,000, or sell part of them to recover funds. This flexibility, which is unique to SCPIs, is a real convenience for unit holders.

What's more, there is an alternative: buying stripped-down SCPI units. This means that instead of buying the full unit and receiving taxed property income, you can buy only the bare ownership. The benefits and returns will then be obtained at a later date. As this type of property ownership is temporary and has its own specific features, you need the support of a specialist to anticipate and control all aspects of the investment.

Structured products:

Unlike the other investments mentioned above, so-called "structured" products are complex financial products that are generally held directly or via life insurance policy-type vehicles. Each product is unique and therefore has its own specific features. The main characteristics that differentiate them are :

- The underlying,

- The maturity,

- Remuneration rules,

- Capital protection.

Each of these assets is available for subscription within a specific subscription window, with a predefined amount.

These investments offer the opportunity to match the performance of dynamic financial markets, but with potential risk control.

Since all these atypical investments have to meet specific needs and be tailored to the customer's profile, specialist financial advice is essential. It is not advisable to subscribe to any investment if you do not understand how it works.

That's why Wealth A7's Wealth Management Advisers are here to analyse your situation and make appropriate recommendations - contact us!

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Article by : STEPHANE SAES

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