Give meaning to your savings: the new real estate SRI label

The december 01, 2020

Preserving the environment is a crucial challenge, which tends to become more prevalent in our daily lives. Acting responsibly is not only about sorting your waste or reducing your electricity consumption, did you know that it is also possible to contribute to a greener world with your savings? Indeed, responsible finance, still too little known to the general public, makes it possible to give meaning to one's savings by directing them towards financial investments committed to the environmental and social cause.

How to recognize these financial investments? The SRI label (socially responsible investment) was instituted for this purpose in 2015 and makes it possible to identify investment funds within companies responding various criteria called ESG :

Until now, the SRI label has been awarded to equity, bond and diversified funds, accessible through investments such as life insurance, custody account, PEA …

Excellent news for investors because since October 23, 2020 real estate funds are now also eligible! Investment funds such as SCPI (real estate investment company) and OPCI (collective investment fund in real estate) can now be stamped with SRI in return for the respect of strict criteria.

Some examples of indicators: in the environmental field, the level of energy performance of buildings and the volume of greenhouse gases; in the social field, the proximity of buildings to public transport, the quality of air and water inside housing; in terms of governance, the use of local labor, transparency in terms of voting at general meetings ...

Management companies of labeled real estate funds must therefore set objectives and put in place a methodology as well as tools to analyze the ESG performance of different buildings. Then, They are accountable regularly to investors in a clear and transparent manner using measurable indicators (eight in number).

The objective of this SRI label is to encourage the construction of new housing but above all to improve the existing housing stock, this can lead to the optimization of the buildings' water and electricity consumption by replacing old equipment, or further renovation of buildings. This is a major advantage for tenants: fewer charges and the smallest possible ecological footprint

Some management houses have already made this turn for many years and are showing a considerable lead in respecting societal and environmental issues, they will undoubtedly be the first to obtain the precious label.

Responsible investing is great, but what about performance? Recent studies prove that the impact of the SRI approach is also very positive on asset performance. Concerning SCPIs, those committed to the environment posted an average return of 4.64% in 2019 against 4.40% for the average of SCPIs (source: The rental vacancy also appears to be lower and buildings tend to appreciate better over time.

In the same spirit, some SCPIs offer to invest in sectors of the future with a strong social impact such as education, health and accommodation solutions: schools, nurseries, clinics, student / senior residences, health centers etc. to meet growing societal needs. In addition, they are excellent "anti-crisis" active ingredients which makes them particularly attractive in this period.

Do you want to diversify and perpetuate your assets thanks to this type of investment? Wealth A7 has carried out a benchmark for you of the various SCPIs available on the market, to determine which one is the best meets your expectations, ask for your consultation in order to discuss your project. Together, let's give meaning to your savings!


Article by : Orane TREHET

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