What future for your retirement pension ?

The december 10, 2019

You have noticed that the government intends to reform deeply our retirement system: 

The new model would retain the intergenerational solidarity mechanism which involves that workers contribute for retirees. 
However, your pension rights won’t be determined anymore by quarters but according to the number of points accumulated all along your career.

Consequently, 10€ paid should represent 1 point. And each point would be worth 0,55€, then the 42 retirement systems would be unified. Regarding the legal retirement age, a system of bonus/malus should be introduced in order to encourage people to keep working beyond 62 years old. Indeed, a pivot age of 64 years old has been mentioned: if you retire before, a discount applies and if you retire after a premium applies. 

But some specificities will have a positive impact on your retirement pension: the drudgery rate should be taken into consideration in order to allow some professionals to retire earlier. A handicap situation or children birth should also give bonus points.

In conclusion, your future retirement pension could suffer because of this reform… This is also the main problematic of our customers: as wealth management experts, we help them to build a sustainable additional income.
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Article by : Orane Tréhet

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