Useful and profitable, have you thought about crowdfunding?

The september 29, 2020

Crowdfunding allows you to invest in projects that you believe in and in return get an attractive return on investment in a relatively short time horizon.
For project leaders, this is an alternative means of financing, replacing or complementing traditional bank credit.

There are several forms of crowdfunding in many areas (associations, business creation, real estate development, etc.), involving different levels of risk and remuneration.

Wealth A7 regularly provides its clients with participatory real estate projects, mostly located in the Toulouse region. During a real estate construction operation, the promoter, to obtain a bank loan, must be able to bring a certain level of equity. It is at this stage that you intervene as a private investor: you participate in the realization of the project by providing the amount you want (from € 5,000). In exchange, you will be paid up to 7% to 10% per year of the amount invested over a period of 12 to 48 months.

We carefully select our partners as well as the programs offered in order to provide a maximum level of guarantee to our investors. We are attentive to several parameters: a privileged geographical area, a high pre-marketing rate, the availability of an independent guarantee on first demand ...

This is the ideal solution if your goal is to give meaning to your savings by supporting local projects, obtain an attractive return and be able to recover your funds relatively quickly.


In short: a remunerative, short-term investment that makes sense!

Several promising projects are currently in perspective, the subscription periods being relatively short, we invite you to contact us now if you wish to seize these opportunities!


Article by : Orane TREHET

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