The march 31, 2020

The total confinement that is imposed on us today will have at least one merit: that of reminding us of what our essential, even primary, needs are.

It is enough to refer to the famous pyramid of Abraham Maslow for this memory of what is at the base of our well-being: the satisfaction of our physiological needs (hunger, thirst, sleep, physical activity ...). Judging by the crowds in the supermarkets, Maslow was right and everyone took the necessary action!

What comes next in this pyramid? It is the satisfaction of our security needs: comfortable and safe housing, family protection, financial security, health ...

There, it starts to get tough: no masks, no hydroalcoholic gel, no chloroquine ..., the purse collapsing ...

So this confinement, when you think about it, is perhaps very beneficial. This is the alarm signal that should make us aware of everything that is fundamental for the satisfaction of our basic needs and the preservation of our well-being. It’s the little voice that prompts us to questions that may not have been given enough importance:

  • if i lose my job and my income, what about my current projects?
  • if I lose a large part of my wealth for having poorly diversified it or not diversified at all, what about my children's studies? What about my retirement?
  • and if I or someone close to me leave this Earth sooner than expected, what about the surviving spouse, the family, the estate?

Managing is planning!

If you are asking yourself this kind of question, do not waste more time, contact your wealth management advisor because he is most likely to listen to you with humanity and to accompany you with professionalism.

If you do not already have a wealth management advisor in Toulouse, Wealth A7 offers you the best financial and wealth experts to assist you in this changing world.

But above all, today, during this unprecedented period of confinement, take advantage of your family, contact your loved ones and define what is most important to you, to later define your goals and your life plan.

Our Wealth A7 office in Toulouse will be able to establish with you the best recommendations that take into account your situation and that perfectly meet your life goals.

Planning is winning!


Article by : Etienne KAJOIN

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