Life insurance: is the French’s preferred investment dead?

The october 26, 2019

Given the current economic context, we must face the obvious: the very nature of the euro fund, that is to say, the guarantee to fully recover its capital, can soon no longer be assumed by the insurance companies.

Indeed, the euro funds are mainly made up of government bonds whose yield is constantly decreasing. Worse yet, for the first time in history, the interest rates of 'OATs' (10-year Treasury equivalent bonds) of the French state fell below the symbolic mark of 0! Concretely, this means that instead of being paid by the State for the loan that he has granted, the investor owes each year money to the State ... Not very attractive, is not it ?

Faced with this observation, how should the French savers react, so far very fond of the euro funds? Closing their life insurance contract? To resign oneself and to accept to see one's salary decrease from year to year? Certainly not ! The end of the euro fund offering attractive remuneration while guaranteeing the invested capital does not in any way call into question the virtues of life insurance in tax and estate matters, which remains a particularly interesting investment.

However, support by a competent Wealth Management Advisor is more than ever essential. He alone is able to rethink the asset allocation of your life insurance policy by taking into account your profile and your goals, while building a real investment strategy based on his sharp knowledge of the financial markets.

Would you like to benefit from our expertise to counter the decline in the remuneration of euro funds and boost the performance of your life insurance policy? Contact us, the Wealth A7 team is here to meet your expectations!


Article by : Orane TREHET

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