A new offer: a structured product with a ratchet effect

The november 17, 2023

In the current economic climate, our partners are constantly improving their financial solutions to meet our needs and those of our customers. The result is an ingenious new product: a structured product with ratchet capital protection! How does it work? Who is it aimed at? Wealth A7 explains everything.

How structured products work

Obviously, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot reveal all the secrets of our partner, the creator of this exclusive investment. The principle behind a structured product is that it is an investment that combines several types of asset (bonds, equities, SWAPs, ETFs, etc.). This composition depends on the wishes of the bank, the insurer or the service provider who creates it. Four parameters are decisive in the creation of the product:

The aim of these financial products is to optimise returns while controlling volatility. Products of this type generally have a defined maturity and pay coupons on a recurring basis or at maturity. They sometimes offer protection or even a capital guarantee.

There are also "Autocalls", products with early exit clauses built into the contract.

The special features of the solution offered by Wealth A7

Backed by our expertise and a special relationship with our partners, Wealth A7 gives you access to a product that is unique on the French market. In fact, the investment we are presenting to you operates more like a euro fund in that it earns interest on a permanent basis and has no maturity date, while offering much higher returns. Unlike most structured products, which have underlyings that are not very volatile, which limits the potential gains, the ingenious protection mechanism here allows the fund to be dynamic while offering 90% capital protection. In addition to the money market and bond securities that make up the conservative pocket, the dynamic pocket is invested in ETFs and equities.

This is where the ratchet effect really comes into its own. Protection is provided at 90% of the highest net asset value recorded each quarter.

Who is eligible?

Any individual or legal entity can take advantage of this opportunity. This investment is accessible via a Compte Titre Ordinaire (CTO), which makes it suitable for investing company cash or when funds need to remain available. It can also be used as an investment to prepare for retirement via the Plan Epargne Retraite (PER), which also allows you to benefit from the tax advantages associated with payments into it.

As a medium/long-term investment, this product combines the best of both worlds!

To take advantage of this opportunity, contact your Wealth A7 wealth management consultant. Following a full analysis of your situation, your advisor will propose a global wealth strategy. Contact us!

In a world on the move, Wealth A7 is here to bring your dreams to life.


Article by : STEPHANE SAES

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