Taxation... a whole program...

The rules of French taxation are a real labyrinth... Difficult for everyone to navigate and it is more likely, at the time of the declaration of income, to simply ask what sauce we will be eaten with!
However, a well-established tax strategy, based on a good knowledge and a good understanding of taxation, can not only avoid the inconvenience of an adjustment by the tax authorities due to errors or omissions, but above all to benefit from a real lever.

And beware, the Finance Act for 2019 instituted a new form of abuse of law on "mainly" tax grounds. By the time it comes into effect in 2020, taxpayers will have to navigate in the troubled waters of the Tax Code and, above all, demonstrate that their tax strategy choices were not primarily aimed at evading taxes.

It is therefore essential to analyze the financial dimension of any decision impacting your tax system. This is our job and you? Let's talk about it !

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