Credit consolidation

In the course of a life, it is natural to resort to credit in order to finance too important expenses. Soon your living expenses can be burdened by loans from different organizations, which have different rates, different monthly payments and different terms. Finally, each month, you can be charged on several dates and it can be difficult to organize your savings.


Why ?

Credit consolidation can be a solution when your living expenses are too high or when you want to invest in a new project but your debt capacity, limited to 33%, is reached.


How does it work ?

The credit repurchase is a simple mechanism, it consists in regrouping all your credits in only one while renegotiating them. Thus you will have a single loan rate and you will not need to pay attention to the date of each of your monthly payments. Moreover, the durations will be gathered with the aim of finding the one that corresponds to your situation and that will allow you to increase your living expenses and your debt capacity. Of course, credit consolidation involves costs, because often the credits are grouped together and the duration is lengthened.

Finally, you will no longer need to have several insurances, a single loan means a single insurance!

Example: a couple is in debt with several loans of rather short but different durations. Their indebtedness is 29%. The couple nevertheless wishes to invest in a rental property with the aim of building up additional income for their retirement. The problem is that by adding another loan, the household's indebtedness will exceed 33%. In this case, it will be a question of regrouping all the credits in one, of which the credit of the rental property, and to lengthen the duration of financing. This will allow to spread out the existing credits and thus to have lower monthly payments, which will leave room for a new investment!

Credit consolidation allows you to regain your ability to save and borrow thanks to the reduction of your monthly payments. If you are interested, contact us!

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