When the omicron moves to the stock table

The december 03, 2021

Last week, the markets were taken by surprise with the announcement of the Omicron variant.
According to specialists, it is highly contagious and resistant to the current vaccine. Rest assured, we have learned lessons from the last waves.

From a macro-economic point of view, the impact on economic growth will be relatively modest and a priori essentially over the next two quarters in Europe, Asia and the United States. Central banks will have to review their internal policy in order to tighten monetary policy. In this sense, the December meetings are going to be important.

In the economic markets, the reaction was extremely strong on several fronts.
Indeed, the announcement of the variant correlated to the low level of market liquidity during a Thanksgiving weekend in the United States with a very strong positioning on risky assets came as a general surprise.

What about involvement?

There is no change in the strategy of our actions, so we must remain neutral. It would be interesting to come back to growth around digital and green, especially in a context that lends itself to it even more today. However, point of vigilance on raw materials as for oil which fell by 11% last week. The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) meeting should be interesting after the recent actions on oil prices.

The Omicron variant reintroduces an extreme risk on the pandemic. However, lessons learned from previous waves make the economy less vulnerable. Therefore, the impact on economic activity is likely to be modest.

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Article by : Coris N'DJA

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