Real estate interest rates down: is this really a good thing for investors?

The october 26, 2019

As we all know, interest rates have reached a historically low level (1.18% on average in September 2019, Source: The Crédit Logement Observatory). This represents a golden opportunity for those who want to invest in stone.

Be careful however, the gain made by the investor through the reduction of interest rates is often nibbled without noticing it, due to the aggressive policy of banks in fees. These are faced with the need to maintain their level of GNP (net banking income - wealth created by the bank). No longer able to rely on interest rates to pay themselves, they have opted for an over-pricing of their various financial services.
Consequences: we note a recent and important increase of the entrance fees, management fees, application fees, insurance rates...

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Article by : Etienne KAJOIN

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