Never too late to optimize your taxation!

The november 10, 2020

While some have used the first confinement to deal with subjects that are often overlooked, you have opted for procrastination and put off the question of optimizing your taxation until tomorrow? No panic! The end of the year is approaching, of course, but this second confinement is the opportune moment!

Indeed, since August 10th and until December 31, 2020, the European Commission has decided to boost the tax advantage allocated to investments made in French so-called FCPIs or FIPs. Initially 18%, the tax reduction associated with these investments will therefore be 25% until the end of the year. The goal? Relaunch the French and European economy and help SMEs suffering particularly from the current crisis.

FCPIs (Mutual Funds for Investments in Innovation) and FIPs (Local Investment Funds) are two vehicles that make it possible to invest in unlisted companies (Private Equity) up to 60%. In this way, through the purchase of securities such as shares or bonds, also called "securities", investors' capital is provided to young companies with attractive potential. In return, investors benefit from a reduction in their income tax.

The general principle of these two types of funds is therefore similar, the big difference relates to the type of companies in which they invest:

Regarding the terms of investment in these funds, a few concepts are:

In summary, FCPIs and FIPs are investments that support the European economy while benefiting from a tax reduction, boost savings and diversify financial assets. Entering the category of risky investments, the potential gains, and therefore the performance, are high but the capital is not guaranteed. These investments should therefore be made sparingly and included in a well-defined savings management strategy.

Optimizing your taxation by supporting the real economy is possible!

As a guide for an investment of € 10,000, you will benefit from a tax reduction of € 2,500.

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Article by : Eloïse LAUTIER

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