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The july 07, 2020

Over the past few months, faced with hyper volatility in the financial markets and wishing to protect your assets, many of you have asked us about safe havens.
Gold is the historical safe haven, which often tends to perform in times of crisis. Since January 1, 2020, the price of gold has risen by more than 15%.

In addition, gold stocks do not change much over time, this asset helps hedge the investor against the risk of hyperinflation. In this period, investing in gold is a way to guard against the possible damaging consequences of permanent injections of liquidity from central banks.
However, it is not easy for an individual to obtain physical gold and bear the constraints: insurance, storage, etc.

When we talk about physical gold, we immediately think of the gold bar hidden at home, in the cellar or in a safe. Did you know that it is possible to hold physical gold through an investment medium such as a securities account?
Wealth A7 offers various products allowing access, through a securities account, to products based on physical gold. You can choose to invest in one kilogram ingots, 5 to 500 gram ingots, 10 or 20 franc napoleons, and many other gold coins. For each security in which you invest, the partner company stores the gold equivalent. It is therefore not paper gold, but physical gold, held through a securities account.

These investment vehicles make it possible to benefit from the advantages of both physical gold and indirectly held gold:
• Security of placement;
• The no need to store the gold yourself and insure it;
• The liquidity of the investment;
• The daily quotation of the investment;
• Readability and advantageous taxation.

Indeed, gold held through media benefits from the taxation of the medium on which it is invested (securities account or life insurance). Thus, gold held through a securities account benefits from the following taxation:
- In principle, the single taxation of 30% applies to the capital gain, regardless of how long the gold is held.
- Optionally, the taxpayer can choose to submit his capital gain, less an allowance of 40%, to the progressive scale of income tax, plus social security contributions of 17.2%.
In addition, gold is not taxed until it is resold since it produces no recurring income.
Finally, gold, unlike real estate - which is also both a physical and a secure investment - is not subject to the real estate wealth tax.

Do you want to diversify and secure your assets through a reassuring product that is based on a physical asset while benefiting from favorable taxation? And all this without bearing the constraints? Contact us!


Article by : Vincent IZARD

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