It's time for the 2023 tax return!

The april 07, 2023

Like every year, April marks the start of the tax return campaign. What changes? What is the timetable? Here is the important information to know.

The calendar

The campaign starts with the sending of pre-filled returns, which started on 6 April 2023 and will end on 25 April 2023.

The online declaration service will open on 13 April 2023.

The validation deadlines, for online declaration, are staggered according to three zones:

For users who cannot file their tax return online, the deadline for filing paper returns is 22 May 2023 at 23:59 (as evidenced by the postmark).

What will change in 2023

In these times of high inflation, the administration has reviewed several elements. The most important of these is the income tax calculation scale, which has been revalued by 5.4%. Here are the new brackets:


Tranches de revenus

Taux d'imposition de la tranche de revenu

Jusqu'à 10 777 €

0 %

De 10 778 € à  27 478 €

11 %

De  27 479 € à  78 570 €

30 %

De  78 571 € à 168 994 €

41 %

Plus de 168 994 €

45 %


The Ministry of the Economy has also increased the ceiling of the family quotient from €1,592 to €1,678. In addition to these two updates linked to the economic situation, there are changes in the context of declarations of actual expenses, home employment or the obligation to declare real estate assets.

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Article by : STEPHANE SAES

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