End of tax exemption on houses in 2021: maybe not?

The september 22, 2020

It is a fact: the French are increasingly deserting apartments and are setting their sights on houses.
Indeed, in search of an increasingly important quality of life, people are ready to move away from the city center in order to enjoy a larger living space as well as a garden.

This is a basic trend that has accelerated due to the recent period of confinement suffered by the French, not all being equal in terms of housing.

It is therefore with regret that we learned of the elimination of the Pinel tax exemption system for houses from 2021. From now on, only collective housing buildings will be eligible for the Pinel law.

But at Wealth A7, we've looked at it. Always eager to provide the best advice to our clients, we have devised a strategy to continue to allow them to benefit from this type of investment.

Can a horizontal co-ownership, that is to say composed of terraced houses, be considered as a collective dwelling building? The answer is yes under certain conditions, legal and fiscal precautions must be observed ...

If you also wish to benefit from this opportunity and our expertise on this investment theme, we invite you to request your consultation.

Wealth A7 always by your side to bring your desires to life!


Article by : Orane TREHET

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