How does that work?

Did you know barter, sales from individual to individual?

Crowdfunding is a bit the same: when individuals finance projects outside of conventional circuits.

On which side of the barrier will you be?: the lender who invests his savings in the short term in exchange for an attractive return? Or the borrower, who wants to borrow but escape the bank heavy and lengthy process?

Crowdfunding was born in the early 2000s with the development of the internet. It is an alternative financing tool which does not go through traditional circuits, in particular banking, but calls upon the financial resources of individuals or companies in order to finance a project. Fundraising is carried out in a fully digital way via internet platforms.

One system, two facets: a means of obtaining credit? Or a medium on which to put your savings.

You are a business creator or buyer, or an entrepreneur wishing to develop your activity, but you do not want or cannot use a traditional bank loan?

Do you want to invest your funds in an atypical project and over a fairly short period?

Crowdfunding may be for you! Let's talk about it !

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